The importance of coordinated discharge planning is to create a smooth transition between services and to minimise the impact on the health and wellbeing of the individual, when returning home or changing setting.  

Discharge itself creates a number of challenges, it is therefore essential that planning begin as early as possible in order to allow sufficient time to develop a comprehensive plan.

Our team works with each person and their support network, in conjunction with their care coordinator, and other professionals involved in their care, to design and implement a supported discharge package.

A comprehensive plan is prepared in advance with clear instuctions for the patient to follow when tackling day to day challenges, or predictable events. Apps can be used to act as an aide memoire, and friends and family can be recruited to assist.

And onward referral to other community support programmes can continue to build on therapeutic gains.

Outpatient follow up in person or via skype calls, Day Care or Domicillary visits are also offered.

Discharge Planning

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