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Dr Sachindev Ramoo, one of our co-founders, is an experienced GP who will be responsible for monitoring the physical health of inpatients after admission. He sees patients regularly to monitor them and treat any health complaints during their stay.

Dr Richard O'Flynn our Clinical Lead is a Consultant Psychiatrist of extensive experience, that has had an interest in the management of Eating Disorders throughout his career; in particular in the gradually developing methods of treatment in this field. As such he is committed to the philosophy of Bramacare in providing the highest possible standards of humane and dignified care for those seeking effective intervention and resolution of these very challenging illnesses.

Dr Richard O'Flynn -  Psychiatrist MBBS  FRCPsych

Dr Sachindev Ramoo - MBBS MRCGP

Mary McDermott - Lead Dietetian

Mary has worked for over 20 years as a specialist dietitian for Eating Disorders as part of the NHS East Suffolk Eating Disorder Service for adults and children. Mary has facilitated the successful East Suffolk Eating Disorder Recovery Group for 23 years. Mary has also been nutrition advisor to the local osteoporosis society for 15years, to highlight the damage caused to bones by eating disorders at a young age.
Mary's aim is to enable people, who struggle with on-going eating disorder difficulties, regain trust and enjoyment in food - through challenge, debate, arguments and fun!

Frederike qualified as a general nurse in 1983. She obtained a counseling diploma and Master of Arts degree and has been involved in supporting people with eating disorders since the early nineties. She has extensive specialist professional experience having worked in the Mental Health Eating Disorder Community Service, in voluntary settings, private practice and an eating disorder inpatient unit. She provides group, couple and individual therapy and staff supervision and training. Frederike  is a Solution Focused Therapist and also provides EMDR therapy for clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Frederike Jacob - Psychotherapist

Ruth has worked for eight years with adults in acute mental health services and in palliative care. She passionately believes that art making can help people to express and understand difficult emotions and aid the recovery provess. Ruth approach is flexible with psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness all informing her work. Ruth is a trained Hatha Yoga teacher in India and undertook an intensive Vipassana meditation course in Cambodia. Meditation and mindfulness continue to influence Ruth and inform her work.

Ruth McGugan - Art Therapist

A Specialist Dietician with 21 years’ experience who has specific expertise in all aspects of disordered eating and psychological approaches to treatment, Helen works with each person to skilfully manage behaviour change, which is an essential part of improving nutritional health and well-being. 

Postgraduate qualifications in the psychological approaches to health and management (MSc), and, most recently, Functional Medicine, Helen now incorporates this knowledge into her tailored approach to each unique individual, in order to optimise the treatment they receive, and ultimately enhance their recovery journey.

Carol has been working with people suffering from Eating Disorders for over 20 years. She developed and ran the Gt Yarmouth and Waveney Eating Disorder Service until 2012 and worked with the Acute Anorexic Service at Hellesdon Hospital delivering Psychological Therapy to clients as well as training to staff. Carol uses Integrative therapies such as Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT, DBT, EFT, Mindfulness, Reiki, Relaxation and Family Therapy to assist recovery of clients and client relationships.

Carol passionately believes in the ability to work through trauma, and to move into recovery and balance.

Carol Shaw - Psychological Therapist MBACP

Helen West - Dietician

Lisa started working with people suffering from EatingDisorders 15 years ago in a residential setting. She qualified as an Integrative Counsellor in 2006. Lisa has worked with individuals, groups and families helping them through a range of issues. She uses various Integrative approaches including Person Centred, Systemic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Art. Lisa’s work is always Client Centred and adapts to their individual needs.

Lisa  Bryceland -  Dip. Integrative Counselling


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